Zenith Portfolio Strategies
An Outsourced Dynamic Approach to Investment Research


Investment Selection Process-Our Proprietary Mutual Fund Investment Process is designed to provide the adviser with institutional level research cost effectively so you are able to save time to grow your business.

A relationship with Zenith will provide you with a robust screening process for mutual funds as well as capital market insight. The deliverable content will include:

  • A Zenith Score will be provided for top fund managers as well as bottom performers. 
  • Active vs passive assessment in each asset class. ie. Mutual fund or ETF
  • Asset class insight with both the pros and cons for your investment committee.
  • Outsourced CIO to help your investment committee as needed.

This research spans four main areas: equity, fixed income, real return, and alternative strategies

Our fund outlook can be shared with clients to add in-depth commentary on their portfolio.