Zenith Portfolio Strategies
An Outsourced Dynamic Approach to Investment Research

Zenith was founded on the belief that advisers and investors deserve a trusted unbiased source of manager selection, consistent selection ratings(Zenith Score) and a robust vetting process for new managers and trends.

The firm's founder Thomas R. Koehler, CFA, completed the Chartered Financial Analyst Program in 2004. This rigorous program laid the foundation for Mr. Koehler's belief in a thorough investment selection process and thoughtful research.

Over the last 13 years, founder Thomas R. Koehler has built a solid track record in the areas of portfolio management, asset allocation and securities analysis. Most recently he developed and managed the investment process as Director of Research for a $200million Registered Investment Advisor in Chevy Chase MD.

He has dedicated his professional career to adhering to the highest standards in mutual fund, ETF and asset class research. With this extensive experience, Mr. Koehler strives to deliver high value added, time saving research to the Wealth Management community.


Recommendations for Thomas R. Koehler

“Tom is a professional dedicated to research and investment excellence with the risk control of the firm and client in mind. In the 3.5 years that I worked with Tom at Freed Advisors I grew professionally in the area of investments and portfolio development. Over the years he developed a broad-based and strategic investment platform for Freed Advisors' various investment objectives. I was especially impressed with his mastery in the fixed income and global multi-currency asset classes.” January 29, 2011 Colleague at Freed Advisors.


“Tom is a dedicated professional and a genuine student of his industry. At Riggs, he was well recognized for his commitment to meeting each client's unique goals while creating value through innovative and effective investment solutions. Tom has built a strong reputation as a trusted advisor through his years of study and passion for the business of investment management.” January 21, 2011 Colleague at Riggs Bank